Cameron Lincks

Cameron is in Springfield, MO, where he is studying nursing, to ultimately, become a nurse anesthetist. He is happily married and the “father” to a Great Dane and Australian Shepard.

Growing up in small towns along the Mississippi River in Southeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, firearms have always been a common tool in life, whether they be for hunting or for recreational use. He has seen the negligent use of firearms and has always tried to capitalize on educating others about proper firearm safety.

He is a medic in the 138th Infantry Headquarters Battalion. This opportunity has given him access to various weapons and weapon systems, as well as the education needed to properly use them. The military has also educated him how to identify and assist individuals considering suicide through his training and through programs such as ASIST. He is excited to bring these two aspects of his training together in the Safer Homes Collaborative.