Here are some of our partner agencies.

The Family Counseling Center (FCC)

The Family Counseling Center (FCC) is a behavioral health organization located in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The Safer Homes Collaborative is partnered with FCC to implement a community suicide prevention effort to partner with faith leaders and employers in manufacturing and construction.

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The Missouri Governor’s Challenge

The Missouri Governor’s Challenge is a nationwide initiative with SAMHSA and the VA in which states work to develop and implement state-wide suicide prevention best practices for service members, veterans, and their families using a public health approach. The three strategic priorities are: identifying SMFV and screening for suicide risk, promoting connectedness and improving care transitions, and increasing lethal means safety and safety planning.

Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH)

The Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) is the funder for the Safer Homes Collaborative project. They partner with communities and nonprofits to achieve their mission to eliminate underlying causes of health inequities, transform systems, and enable individuals and communities to thrive.

The Missouri Child Psychiatry Access Project Schools (MO-CPAP Schools) helps educators connect students with access to behavioral health care in rural and underserved areas of the state. The Safer Homes Collaborative is partnered with MO-CPAP Schools to provide training on Conversations for Suicide Safer Homes to educators in eastern Missouri in need of behavioral health resources.

CALM America

Conversations for Suicide Safer Homes (CSSH) is an adaptation of Counseling Against Lethal Means (CALM) that the creators of CALM America developed in the mid-2000s. CALM America has provided consultation for the Safer Homes Collaborative on lethal means reduction strategies and best practices for the development of CSSH.