Safer Homes Collaborative

A joint effort between the firearm-owning community and the suicide prevention community to raise awareness that suicide can be prevented through safe firearm storage. Firearms are the leading method by which people end their lives in the United States and Missouri. Statistically, more people attempt suicide by overdose or suffocation; however, more people die in a suicide attempt with a firearm.

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About Safer Homes Collaborative

Joint Effort

We collaborate with the firearm owning public and suicide prevention community.

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Fast Facts

Safer Homes Collaborative Populations

Information on the populations the program is working with.

Service Members, Veterans, and their Families

Firearms are the most common method of suicide death among this group.

First Responders

Firearm owners are most receptive to law enforcement when receiving messages about reducing access to lethal means during a crisis.

Faith Based Organizations

Individuals often reach out to their faith leaders in times of crisis.

Occupations with High Suicide Risk

Construction workers are five times more likely to die by suicide than an accident on the job.